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Benefits of implementing BiznetP6


Cost Reduction

Reduced Time/Costs

Reduce the internal time and costs associated with data collection, collation and report generation. Staff will no longer need to spend several days a month preparing performance reports for senior management. With BiznetP6 supplier performance data, quantitative and qualitative, can be easily captured and KPI results are centrally located with reports available at the press of a button.
Develop Relationships

Improved Supplier Relationships

Developing meaningful KPIs ensures that suppliers receive clear performance expectations from the outset. Performance data is available to both the contract owner and the supplier, via the reporting portal, which in turn helps facilitate proactive performance review meetings focused on agreed quantitative measures and areas of performance improvement.

Improved Visibility

Biznet’s web-based SaaS solution removes those visibility barriers associated with Excel and ERP systems. Supplier performance is centrally located and available 24/7, giving you complete control of your organization’s direct and indirect spend and earlier detection of supplier-related risks. Monitor performance trends over time or for larger organizations where suppliers are geographically dispersed, better understand regional variations in supplier performance.
Increase Value

Additional Value

As a minimum BiznetP6 helps clients maximize value from supplier spend, with many going a step further to identify additional value opportunities beyond cost. Developing and monitoring supplier performance KPIs with a focus on innovation and collaboration allows an organization to fully understand the Total Value of Ownership (TVO) between them and their strategic suppliers.
Improved Performance

Improved Supplier Performance

Simply measuring a supplier’s performance will result in improvement. Use Biznet’s KPI builder to design safety, quality, cost and efficiency metrics to provide the necessary information to manage your strategic suppliers, highlighting areas of poor performance and providing a objective platform for discussion and improved performance over time. Additionally, extend the range of KPIs to include subjective surveys, CSR and Compliance.


About Biznet

Biznet is the leading specialist in Supplier Performance Management (SPM).

Since 1999, Biznet’s SPM software and consulting services have been trusted by many of the world’s leading companies to manage their SPM programs, delivering operational efficiencies, cost control and reducing risk through improved management of the supply chain.

An effective SPM program ensures the benefits and requirements identified at contract award stage are delivered throughout the duration of the contract, building effective strategic supplier relationships and continuous performance improvement.

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