Aerospace operators increasingly have to rise to meet the challenge of an industry with an increasing level of focus on delivery performance improvement. With Operators dependent on the performance of their suppliers in such a high risk industry, a Supplier Performance Management platform is of key strategic significance.

In this challenging business climate, Aerospace operators will need improved capabilities in a number of areas, including supplier performance management.

Aerospace Supply Chain – A Focus on Supplier Performance

  • Focus on suppliers delivering defect free, safe and reliable products
  • Suppliers must meet performance levels for on-time delivery, quality, compliance and social responsibility
  • Thousands of suppliers providing goods and services
  • High levels of risk within the supply chain

With a supply base of many thousands ensure your organisation is proactive in managing your supplier’s performance.

Add Value to Your Operations with BiznetP6

BiznetP6 - Biznet’s Supplier Performance Management tool is a quick and easy method of engaging suppliers and gathering performance data for reporting.

The online solution will help operators work closer with their supply base to help drive high levels of performance in all aspects of delivery, quality, compliance and social responsibility. Implementation of a wide number of value-adding Key Performance Indicators across the supply base delivers real time, transparent reporting.

The Aerospace industry is reliant on its high value supply chains to deliver the highest quality materials and output. BiznetP6 - Biznet’s Supplier Performance Management solution will help aerospace operators develop and nurture supplier relationships.

Measure, Analyse and Improve

  • Monitor the on-time delivery of goods and services
  • Improved Communication with all Suppliers – not just Tier 1
  • Monitor Compliance metrics
  • Capture Health & Safety Performance
  • Track Subjective Performance Feedback from Key Stakeholders

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