BiznetP6 Supplier Performance Management (SPM)

BiznetP6 facilitates the capture of objective and subjective data through scorecards and surveys, calculates key performance indicators (KPIs) and displays them within customizable, graphical rich reports, tailored for individual’s factional needs. Reports can be shared across organizations and with suppliers ensuring all users have access to accurate, up to date performance data and trends.

Suppliers can be measured against pre-set targets, while corrective actions can be generated for regular review or to alert operators to an issue that may require immediate intervention.

System Features

Secure SaaS System – As a Software as a Service (SaaS) web-based solution, BiznetP6 offers significant savings in time to implement (weeks rather than months) and requires negligible support or investment from your IT department.

The independently penetration tested system is hosted with our partners Rackspace and available anywhere, anytime with Internet access and with any device. No additional hardware requirements or maintenance costs, just a compatible Internet browser.

Customers have the ability to view and compare supplier performance while suppliers can view their own performance and proactively address negative performance trends.
Customizable data collection & approval processes – Easy to customize data collection and approval ensure a fit with your organizational processes. Data, in the form of quantitative data points and/or subjective surveys, can be captured from multiple sources either on a pre-determined time and/or event driven basis.

360-degree surveys can also be developed to capture the supplier’s perspective, allowing for a complete understanding of the health of the working relationship.

A full admin suite ensures data is captured and approved in a timely manner or re-assigned if roles change. Additionally, automated notification frequency can be controlled and a full audit trail manages any changes to data post sign-off.
Customer Driven Content – The dynamic input manager allows administrators and subject matter experts to create and customize their data entry forms with both quantitative and qualitative data points, allowing you to capture the performance data most valuable to your business.

Alternatively, customers can leverage industry standard quantitative and qualitative inputs for their own use, via Biznet’s input repository, further reducing the time and effort to get your SPM program up and running.
KPI Builder – The user-friendly graphical formula builder allows you to configure your quantitative and qualitative inputs into Key Performance Indicators complete with red/amber/green performance thresholds.

Create any combination of cost/quality/efficiency/safety or compliance supplier performance KPI to be included in your reports or pull from Biznet’s extensive range of industry-standard performance KPIs.
Feature-Rich Reporting – With its ‘pivot table’ reporting functionality, BiznetP6 allows users to view real-time supplier data and group or trend performance by any number of time or geographical dimensions. Each KPI can also be viewed graphically, in summary or drilled down to the finest detail.

Individually customizable dashboards and reports succinctly display summary information giving an instant overview of supplier performance, facilitating efficient decision-making and supplier communication.

Users can modify the look and feel of graphs adding their own headers and labels, redefining axis min/max values or adding a second Y-axis. Graphs and reports can be exported to Excel and on-the-fly PowerPoint presentations created, complete with your own corporate ppt template.

Your Partner in Supplier Performance Management

Achieving maximum value from an SPM program starts with effective processes and management buy-in. Biznet’s Professional Services team works in partnership with clients, from initial planning through to implementation and beyond to deliver extraordinary results that add tangible value at every stage.