Collecting Survey Data in BiznetP6

  1. Define qualitative metricsĀ appropriate for scoring between 1-5. Users can define which scores require mandatory comments. For example if a score of 1 is registered then the inputter can be asked to provide additional details in the the comments box.

  2. Create a simple survey within the BiznetP6 tool and issue to the relevant stakeholders.

  3. The survey can be completed on an ad-hoc basis or set up on an automated schedule. The BiznetP6 tool will automate the issuing of new surveys, reminder emails and reporting- saving both time and money.

  4. Data collected is securely stored in the BiznetP6 database along with a clear audit trail.

  5. Focus on using the collected data to drive performance improvement.

Measure. Analyse. Improve.


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