Oil and Gas

BiznetP6 – Biznet’s Supplier Performance Management tool has been implemented by a number of the top major oil & gas operators over the past 16 years.

The Oil and Gas industry has a greater need for SPM than most industries with 80% of their spend, personnel and HSE risk beyond their control, and in the hands of suppliers. As a result they are unquestionably dependent on their supply chain for the success of their own business.

BiznetP6 directly addresses the problems associated to these high risk relationships and enables operators to easily engage with suppliers to track and manage performance using strategic Key Performance Indicators. The global nature of the industry means visibility of operations across vendors in all locations is vital to measuring, analysing & improving performance.

BiznetP6 has been used to capture, analyse and manage supplier performance in the following areas;

Drilling & Completions (D&C) – Biznet have a deep understanding of the different services involved in D&C and the KPIs that bring valuable discussion to the performance review meetings. These include, but are not limited to: Cementing/Pumping/Frac, Equipment & Materials, Drilling, Formation Evaluation, Waste Management, Logistics, Completions and Rigs (onshore & offshore). KPIs within these service lines include: Safety, Cost, Efficiency, Quality, People, Local Content and Innovation.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) – Biznet have developed Scorecards and KPIs for supporting services as varied as Catering, Facilities Maintenance, Logistics and Pipeline Integrity Management as well as specific services such as the operation and maintenance of Cranes, ROVs, Rotating Equipment, Pumps and Specialty Chemicals.

Refining & Marketing (R&M) – From transportation (logistics and pipeline) to refineries, all the way through to the service station and the products they sell, Biznet have supported the creation of category-specific Scorecards, KPIs and Surveys to track the performance of the third-party suppliers that make R&M possible. Categories where supplier performance was tracked include: Waste Management, Transportation/Distribution, Rotating Equipment, MROs, Packaging, Lubricants, Merchandising, Retail and Marketing.

Indirect Procurement – Outside of specific upstream/downstream services, Biznet have supported the wider adoption of best-in-class Supplier Performance Management (SPM) to monitor the performance of those suppliers providing internally consumed products and services. This includes Professional services (consultancies, recruitment agencies, training), IT (Hardware, Software and Services e.g. helpdesk, server mgmt. and security) and Facilities management (catering, security, furniture, waste management).

Aviation, Marine & Logistics – Biznet have supported the deployment of its SPM solution across Aviation, Marine and Logistic segments of spend, helping operators ensure the safe and efficient provision of these services.

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