Without question the performance of suppliers have a significant impact on a Pharmaceutical operators corporate success. Each day, operators and their suppliers make decisions that impact an organisations ability to provide quality health care products to its customers and stakeholders.

Beyond the fulfilling of a suppliers service requirements, Operators expect suppliers to comply with legal and regulatory requirements such as;

  • Ethical Behaviour
  • Labour/ Personnel Policies
  • Health and Safety Regulations
  • Environment Regulations
  • Maintenance of Management Systems

The management and data collection of the above can potentially prove disjointed and inaccurate. Furthermore reporting across a large, geographically diverse supply base can be an administrative nightmare.

How BiznetP6 Will Help

BiznetP6- Biznet’s Supplier Performance Management solution allows operators to establish best practices for managing data collect and reporting for all suppliers.

Using the dynamic multi input electronic scorecards and surveys; operators can track supplier performance for all of key strategic areas. The web based solution is quickly and easily configured and implemented for to all strategic suppliers in your supply base.

Performance Reports can then be viewed in real time by both suppliers and operators. By viewing their own Performance Reports suppliers can focus on implementing corrective actions to improve their performance.

Instead of supplier meetings composed of 80% review and 20% looking forward, BiznetP6 will help drive meetings with 20% review and 80% looking forward.

Furthermore the data collated can be utilised for selecting and qualifying suppliers, segmenting them into categories based on potential risk and monitoring them over the short and long term to drive continuous improvement. The BiznetP6 solution enables Pharma operators to compare vendors against one another and drive best practice through continuous improvement.

Biznet – Helping Your Organisation Drive Exceptional Pharma Performance

The BiznetP6 solution is the easy and powerful way to engage and nurture high quality relationships with all suppliers. Furthermore Biznet’s professional team can assist your organisation in identifying the most strategic and appropriate Key Performance Indicators to implement. Our expertise in working with KPIs has come from over a decades experience working with some of the largest global organisations in the world.
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